Strange results with dvd player

the first scan below is from a dvd-r movie that i played in a dvd player compatible with this format…i burned it with a different firmware shown below (i’m not sure what it was maybe hs0k) but it plays fine in the player every time i put it in. the second scan was burned used the hs09 firmware, but the player has trouble reading the disc sometimes and it doesnt play whenever i put it in…i had tried a lot of firmwares edited by omnipatcher and i think i might have used ltnfw as well to flash the drive b4 burning the second scan, so could it be that all these firmware changes/downgrades with omnipatcher and ltnfw are screwing up my burner?? also i think my dvd player is used to playing crappy discs, so that might be the problem as well…but im still confused :confused:

Are you absolutely sure you didn’t mix up the scans? :stuck_out_tongue:
I would expect problems from the 1st disc, and not many problems with the second…

yes i am absolutely sure…could it be that the firmware (that i downgraded it 2) is not reading the disc image properly?

Where did you buy these G04 discs?
What were they “branded” as?
What does the top of the discs look like?

they were from and they are ridatas (says them in the centre on the plastic transparent part)…they have frosted silver tops

I can fully appreciate your problem jondaman. Check the attached scan, looks great but stops about halfway through on my dvd player. I had a few discs with same sort of problem, all with excellent scans. Its definitely something to do with the burner cause it only started happening after my 451 died and was replaced with a new one. Media from the same spindle burnt with my original 451 produced far worse scans but worked great on my player!

damn…i shouldnt have fooled around so much with my firmware…so is this one occurrence?? or does it happen all the time?

I have observed sometimes similar strange results with my Liteon LDW-811s. I do not know the reason, but I’ll give you info about media quality (I am not an expert):

(a) OK, PI/PO scans give an idea of burned-disc quality, but there are more criterias…

(b) Jitter. I’m afraid it’s hard to measure without instruments, except some DVD-writer models showing that info with Nero CD Speed 3.x; not sure…

© Media thickness deviation / Focus Error. Instruments required.

(d) Data path deviation / Radial Error. Instruments required.

(e) Excentricity (centering deviation). Instruments required.

(f) Sure there are more… (for example: how ‘flat’ is your disc?)

I don’t know the exact technical term for each error/performance measure and how they affect each other. PI/PO is only a ‘view’; so it could be very good, but other measure would throw a bad result.

I would suggest to measure PI/PO @ 1x and 2x too…

Hope this helps

thanks, i will try 2 scan at 1X & 2x

What is the end of this story?

I would like to listen some experienced Cdfreaks burner about this, i.e. good PI/PO scans, but DVD player failures. Thank you in advance,