Strange results, 2500@2510 with Princo and Verbatim

I have noticed some strange behaviour with my burns.
When I burn a DVD with Verbatim DVD-R media (TY001) everythings works fine etc. Same thing with my Princo discs. Both burned @ 4x.

The problem: My crappy Philips 633 DVD handles the Princo discs better, perfect result every time. But when I use the Verbatim media I get skips between chapters and sometimes in the movie itself (not always though).

I don’t have Lite-On drive so I can’t K-Probe the discs. I have always thought Verbatim (and especially the TY001) where far better than the Princo discs?

Perhaps it’s just a issue with my Philips player… Anyway, does someone else have similar problems?

Verbatim DVD-R >4x and Princo White disc/black text 1-4x.

Heh that’s very strange. Princo better than TY … no way =) Maybe it’s the problem with the movie. :slight_smile:

Most of the Verbatim burns works good in other players… I have to buy a Lite-On drive so I can do a proper K-Probe :slight_smile:

Very strange result. Perhaps it has something to do with the reflection of the media. When you compare the discs, you will probably notice that the colour of the Verbatim discs is dark blue while the Princos are light blue. Maybe, your standalone player can handle light blue discs better (the reflection may be different). For me, it was completely different: Compatibility problems with cheap, light blue discs, perfect results with dark blue, high quality discs (ProDisc, Ritek G04, Verbatim, Sony, Ricohjpn-R01/02).