Strange result of scanning



I bought benq OEM DVD burner(DW1620,G7C9 firmware).

I burned several DVD+R(Teon 8x and Memorex 8x) and scan the DVD+R for quality checking.

Yesterday,I flash the firmware to B7P9 and scan the DVD+R again to see if there are some difference.

I got very strange scan result.the scan under G7C9 firmware is very prefect and excellent quality.But the scan under B7P9 is not so good.pls check the picture I attached.

I am confused that the same DVD+R(burned using “G” firmware) is so different under diferent firmware.which result could I turst in?


what version of cdspeed do u use




yindingmin, your 1st test was done at 4X. The 2nd at Maximum. I don’t know if this is the reason for the descrepency, but it might be worth trying the 2nd one at 4X.


Whoops! did not catch test speed differences. Run both at 8X. (what most folks do with BenQ) Check results.

If still strange, this might be a possible bug from Nero update?
Try older “stand alone” CDSpeed version (I use 3.42).



the result os more bad @4x scan.see the picture.


1.3x scanning speed & no PIF with G7C9 firmware - this is OLD scaning engine.
High speed testing and PIF report are supported starting with M9 firmware.


I focus on the result.Which is more accurately reflect the quality of Bunred DVD+R Disc


New engine (with B7P9) is more informative and reliably.
Old engine with 1x speed is too much remissive, and PIF lack deprives you significant information about disk condition.


Thanks GeoN!

I have to reburn the DVD+R to keep my data Safety is the 1# position for me.


That looks like a bad flash or something really wrong with the test media. Try Q-scan to verify the media is similar before a comparative test. That way you can narrow down the source of the surprise.


Just wanted you to know that danielwritesback suggestion about testing your media has merit. A while back, I got a hold of some counterfit MCC 003 & it had me wondering, see this old post:
Fortunately your scans are not quite that bad. But I would definitely QScan the media, not definitive, but points in a direction. see if you can get some Ricoh R01/R02 or some 8X Sony DVD-R (BenQ 1620 loves them) to test with. That should eliminate the question “is it my media?”
And hopefully, it is.