Strange Report in Plextools

well, i hope one of you can explain this, cause it’s got me baffled :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are the basic details …

1x Plextor PX-DB608AL,

with 1x PX-608AL fitted and one NEC 7543A-01 also fitted,

Motherboard is a Gigabyte K8NSNXP (754) which has 2 IDE controllers, one standard, for HDD or Optical devices, and the other for RAID/Storage, HDD only, both capable of Primary + Slave devices, and 2 dual channel SATA controllers, thus allowing me the opportunity to have my 2 storage drives on the second IDE controller and the DVD drives on the main IDE controller all will be the master for each channel and no slave devices fitted, all single ended cables used (ATA133 ones) and my main drives on one SATA controller. (i will have another Plextor DVD on the other SATA controller when i find the one i want)

The NEC 7543A-01 is on the Primary channel (because i have heard of issues if its on the secondary channel)
The PX-608AL is on the Secondary channel

… everything seems to be ok, but i havent tested it all thoroughly yet, although the PX-608AL did seem slow reading something earlier.

So can someone explain why Plextools LE is reporting it as High Speed USB interface ??? :confused:

What does the device manager show on "device by connection’? Does it display as ATAPI or USB controller? Plextor also markets the PX-608 as USB in tray and clam shell versions…the app may just be confused since the AL is generally marketed as VAR/OEM for custom install.

here you go… the properties window came from right clicking the Plextor entry in the Nvidia section, looks like its not displaying as USB, but i can’t see any reference to ATAPI :confused:

looking in the properties for the Nvdia control gives this…

Shows it as being connected to the Parallel ATA (aka ATAPI) controller, so most likely is just a glitch in the application and nothing to worry about if you can write at the proper speeds. Shows it as UDMA2, so should work fine.

thanks for the confirmation, it’s reassuring to know i havent completely lost the plot ! :slight_smile: