Strange repetitive scratching sound on audio CDs

As I’m new here I tried first to search for previuos threads but found nothing useful.
So the problem is that using Feurio for several years (demo version, but NOT cracked one) I noticed from time to time that some of the copied audio CDs (NOT mp3, to avoid the misunderstanding) end with randomly placed scratching sound, or if you prefer discharge-like sound that last for a second or two.
First I did not pay much attention to that, then I thought that maybe my old Plextor 4/12 SCSI writer is ready for replacement. But now I’m getting the same thing with the Plextor 12/10/32 SCSI. I rip from Plexwriter 40 so I don’t believe that the problem is due to bad equipment. What is the most interesting thing is that somehow I found out that the noise is REPEATING every 6minutes and 10-15 seconds (first one is randomly placed in first 4-6 minutes and then EVERY 6’15" until the end of the CD !!!
I don’t believe it’s the UltraPlex because it reads with CAV and Plexwriter writes with CLV which brings me to the conclusion that actualy the burning process has something to do with this peculiar timing.
It does not happen everytime, but completely randomly, sometimes 1 in 20 CDs, sometimes 3-4 of 10. I use only branded CD-Rs. Also don’t believe that this is one of Fangmeiers jokes with demo users (he should state this somewhere ?).
Than I suspected that it’s the SCSI controller or something hardware caused but the strangest thing is that using the plain old Plextor Tools the problem is not appearing any more. I know I should now try various things including other software but if anyone has any experience with similar problems please help !!!

(sorry for long post, just wanted to be as precise as possible)

That would a big bug, but I haven’t found similar problems with Feurio from version 1.21 to 1.65, and similar hardware: Ultraplex 40x (firmware 1.0x - DAE until 24x), Teac 4x12 and generic Symbios Logic 810 SCSI controller.
(I don’t make on the fly copies)

The messages with cracked versions are very clear, so it’s not that.

Have you checked your WAVs before burning. Are those sounds already in the WAV? Use the track editor to see it better.

I also think the SCSI controller could be the problem, because if several writers behave the same… What is the SCSI model? Adaptec? with Windows XP? Does the same happen in Win98 and 2K/XP?
There are problems with XP drivers for Adaptec.

But you say that never happens with MP3s… strange…


SCSI adapter is IWILL SCSI-2 model, can’t remember the model number, I think that Windows recognises it as i-910 or something like that. I work under Win98SE.
But if it is controller caused shouldn’t it appear with any burning software, not only Feurio ?
Yesterday I just found out that the problem is DEFINITELY appearing during WRITING process as several CD were fucked up when burning from HD image files (Image files are OK of course).
Now I’m almost shure that it has something to do with J. Fengmeiers idea of shareware concept (technically I’m not using illegal copy of his program so I don’t get the legendary “Illegal copy” message, but as I did several thousands copies with demo version it probably has some kind of “punishing” routine inside to make me rethink about registration. I don’t have any other logical explanation.
Or there is one other possibility - that Feurio uses some kind of special/undocumented/etc… routines that no other software does and my hardware is basically OK but sometimes is vulnerable to such special techniques. However it sounds like science fiction.
I think I should contact the author directly - it is the only way to continue the investigation in good direction.

I have this problem with copyprotected audio cds.

I rip them with EAC and Lame according to The Chris Myden Guide at Elite DAE section.

Everything looks ok at first but when you listen to the result there is an irritating random pop in every track.

Maybe use C2 error correction?

What about C2 error correction ?
In my case it has nothing to do with the problem, and btw. it’s not generated during the ripping phase but during the writing. When I take into account the recording speed (12x) it means that every 31 second something generates short bursty noise until the end of the recording of the CD.
But the next CD might be OK or might not be and I can’t find the pattern of occuring. Definitely it’s appearing to be “per CD” problem so I can’t connect it to any hardware problem.
The story ends like this: I gave up and registered Feurio, after registration the problem suddenly became less frequent (but still present)but after complete reinstallation of Feurio and registering the “virgin” software it seems to dissapear completely (for good ? - who knows). I am still waiting for an answer from the creator of the mentioned software. Until then I only can guess what was happening (and what is more important if it will happen again and under what circumstances…)