Strange reading behaviour of an OCed 32125W




I just found this strange behaviour of my OCed 32125W:

With Firm vs04 it always produces massive Disc errors when checking the Cd-Quality with Nero Cd Speed. Also the drive is often falling back to lower spindle-speeds.

When setting it back to its original Firm Version (WBS2) it reads the same disk just fine. No errors, no fall-backs.

The disk was burned with 40x (using Smart-Burn).

Perhaps there are a few differences between the 32x and the 48 x drives? Different mechanics? Any idea?

Thx for your comments.




I just verifyed it:

  1. Burned a 40x rated disc with 40x
  2. Checked Quality with firm VS04: 1,8% Errors
  3. Checked Quality with firm WBS2: 0,0% Errors

So, the burning seems to have went well. Only the reading process with OCed drive produces Errors. :confused: Whats going on here? Anybody else having those problems?



Yep, P-CAV or CAV Firmwares report errors when Z-ZLV Firmwares didn’t.




I dont think thats the point. All 32x “W” drives have P-CAV support, so has firm WBS2.

Perhaps all Liteon “5w” drives are electrical identic but they are special selected because of their mechanical chracteristics concerning vibrations. So when an 32x drive (wich only supoorts 40x reading) is flashed to 48x it also reads with 48x. Perhaps this 8x difference are enough to cause reading errors.

Anybody else having problems with the “reading” quality of an OCed 32125W ?



I only got an error when i overburned. 10 disk so far @40x (Imation multispeed up to 32x) and zero errors. Data between 660 - 690 mb. I large movie @40x (720 mb) created 14% unreadable sectors. Burned @32x resulted in a succesfull burn. 100% zero errors with scandisk.

I haven’t tried flashing back to LTR32125W WS3 and then a scandisk over the overburned cd. But i think i just burn normal cd’s @40x and when i have to overburn i use 32x.