Strange read behavior for my 2500a

Here’s the deal… I’ve got a 2500a with the good version of the 1.06 firmware but I’ve noticed recently that some of the discs get CRC errors near the end(Ridata G04s) of the disks. Discs were burnt with Nero

These discs read perfectly on my LTC-4816H and cdcheck shows no errors and all the files can be opened without any problems on the Liteon drive but they cannot be opened in the NEC drive.

The weird thing is that these problems are extremely random so it only happens to certain discs. Other times the discs I burn(also from the same batch of dvd-rs) come out perfect on both drives.

I guess the question now is whether I should get a replacement or just use my combo drive as a reader. I’m thinking the latter since the replacement might come with the bad firmware?

I reccomend sticking with the 2500A for burning and continuing to use the LiteOn combo drive for reading/ripping.
The 2500A is known to have variable results with G04 media and is sometimes not the best reader.