Strange Question

I know this is a bit random but iā€™m curious. :confused: :bigsmile: :confused:

If you copied a protected game with nero or any other software that would copy it but make a non working game (eg: after installing it, when you tried to play it, it asked for the real CD) but what would happen if you took that non-working copy and copied it properly with say CloneCd or Alcohol 120% with the right profile. Would that produce a working copy???

Does anyone know? Might it depend on what protection is used on that game?

You cannot turn a bad copy into a good copy, its a simple as that.
If its bad to start with the copy of the non working disc will be no good also.
But for SecuRom 4.8+ you could read an image from the bad disc and get a .BWA file from somewhere and likely get a working copy.