Strange question maybe ?! but does someone know?

Heej d00dz !

Well, dont get me wrong pls on this question but I was just thinking !

I do believe that ppl should only make backups for personal use !
As a believer in that I made a backup of UT2003 when the twinsector story hadnt even begun.
So I cracked exes where my only shot at getting my personal copy to work !

But I was thinking, is it possible to make an image of a backup that doesnt work (no twinsectors), name it UT2k3.bwt, download an mds/bwa file for ut2k3, name it exactly the same and then reburn the image made from my personal backup ?

Would this backup work or would it still require cracked exes ?
I mean, the protection is present on the personal backup, thus also in the image.
Securom measures the sector density replicated by the bwa/mds file.
So if I burn the image the data will be written according to the bwa/mda file, thus the twinsectors are placed where securom expects them and the protection should work !

The game should run ! shouldnt it ?

Well, Im bound to get replies like :‘no warez talk or somethin’, but I’d like to think about things and this just came up !? go figure !


Nice loophole , but it won’t work. You will need the original cd to scan in the image and then apply the sector modification. This should be no problem , since you naturally own the original as well.

As a further note , you tell us you’re being legal in the first half , then you are writing a backup of your (already written) backup and that’s illegal.