Strange problems with Sony DVD RW DRU-810a

so i have sony dvd rw dru-810a drive. it reads cds just fine and all that. but when i try to brun music cds(i havent tried burning any other type of cd yet) i get some really wierd problems. it just wont do it. i have tried using several different programs such as nero, roxio, express burn, windows media player. roxio gave me some sort of read error, windows media cant detect that i even have the drive installed, express burn actually said that the cd was succesfully burned, but then i tried to read it and it says there is no cd in the drive. i have the most current version of the firmware (v1.0e) and i made sure i was using the most current version of all software programs. device manager says the device is working properly. any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.