Strange problems with 1655!



Hey guys!

Im having problems burning discs higher that 2.4 speed. AND DMA IS enabled!

Im using the latest f/w for benq 1655 BCIB. Because its the only one than can burn Yudenen00 T02 dics…

The discs I use is “YUDEN000 T02” DVD+R 8X. I should be the best discs out there. So I can’t be that …

I took a test with “NERO CD/DVD SPEED”, so you can see it.

And not only slow speed but I get an error also… crap :confused:

But then when I try BenQ’s Qsuite “Test write” combined with imgburn. It "burns at 8x speed.

Hope someone can help me out here.


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[B]Tryed Qscan:[/B]
Maybe I found the error … The discs cannot run at 2.4x speed :frowning: As you can see on the picture the error.

Running at 8x or 4x, NO problems :I


I have tryed to Disable Solidburn, and Disable WOPC. But nothing help.

Now I tried to enabled Overspeed. And now it burns max at 4x speed.[I] (see picture below)[/I]
And then I run the disc to see the quality. Tjeck below! it sucks =(

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I think you need to provide some details about your PC set up.

Are these genuine TY T02 disks? There are many fakes around.


Yes ofcourse :slight_smile:

[B]My pc:[/B]
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo / E6300 / 2MB / 1,86GHz / 1066FSB
Motherboard - MSI 965 neo-f
2 X 512 ddr2


And the burner is connected to internal IDE connection or external USB?


its connected to IDE internal. Only that is connected via IDE in my pc.

And the disks are 100% sure real pure TY =)



seems as if your mainboard does not have native IDE controllers any more, and you have connected your drive to a third party controller (Jmicron?), that is soldered onto your mainboard.
You may check the thread dealing with Jmicron controllers in the general optical drives forum.



To bad $ntels latest C2D chipset left native IDE bus out… :a

Don’t know if this will make your situation any better [I]SaikoManSP[/I], but you can try to install JMicron JMB36* latest drivers.
Make sure you only install IDE drivers (if possible) to start with. :wink:


thx for your respons… Tried installing the lastest JMicron JMB36

THEN, no errors came when burning. BUT, still slow burning as hell :confused: 2.4x max speed.

And its running i DMA mode, for sure


Is it the mainboard ?? Anyone knows a better board for Intel Duo 2 E6300. I got now Intel P965 Neo-f


I don’t think it’s your motherboard, it’s the JMicron JMB361 controller that acting up. If you can’t burn above 2.4x then UDMA is not properly set.


  • Try to uninstall the JMicron controller in Control Panel so Windows can redetect and install the standard MS IDE drives
  • Windows update often has new JMicron updates, check that also.
  • If still doesn’t work, check if there is any JMicron bios update (and/or Motherboad update).


:confused: According to who? :confused: I use BCDC all the way and have used lots of YUDEN000T02.

Considering all the goofs introduced by firmwares after BCDC (bad WOPC operations, strange issues with burning speed etc…) i stick with BCDC. If all hardware tweaks fail, try uninstalling Qsuite, switch back to BCDC and reinstall Qsuite, maybe this will help, who knows.


thx for all your suggettions. But I don’t want to work any more with this problem. So I talk with shop, where I bought it, and I can replace it with a new one.

So I think I try the Plextor 760SA (S-ATA). Since this board has so many problems with the native IDE. A good choice ?


Well, since you’re asking in the Benq forum, you can have negative comments. And if you would post it in the Plextor forum, you’d have positive comments. LOL :bigsmile:

My personal choice would still be the Benq, as I think that Plextor burners are not what they used to be, and I find the 1650/55 burning quality the best over a wide range of media. I’d rather recommend a Pioneer 111D than a Plex, but that’s me. I guess there’s nothing wrong with the Plex.

Another great choice IMO is one of the recent LG 18X burners (H22N, H42N, H50N).


i975 mobos still retain a native IDE port off which you can hook 2 PATA burners but perhaps, the easier/cheaper option still is to get the latest JMicron driver 1st, I am using the beta drivers and they work swell for the 2 PATA burners on my Asus P5W Dlx DH (4 all in - 2 on native, 2 on JMicron).