Strange Problems PX755A

I have been previously using a Gigabyte motherboard (845G) with my PX755A and Nero and DVDs and CDs all burn perfectly.

Recently I upgraded to an ASROCK 775i65PE (865PE) motherboard with Pentium D 930 and 1GB RAM. I use Nero with Windows XP Professional. I have also upgraded to the latest 1.05 firmware.

In Nero, CDs and DVD-Rs still burn perfectly. But attempting to burn a 16x DVD+R (TDK) generated a Power Calibration Error. Testing to create data disc using Nero CD-DVD Speed with DVD+R also generated a Power Calibration Area Error.

However, when I use the same DVD+R disc in PlexTools Professional 2.35 for the Write Transfer Test, the test completed successfully. Although I have not tried it yet, it seems probable that using PlexTools Professional to burn a DVD+R would work, but for some unknown reason Nero does not work with DVD+R anymore.

I have tested with the 1.02, 1.04 firmware also and all generated the same Power Calibration Error with Nero when using DVD+R and no problems with CD-R and DVD-R.

Given that Nero worked perfectly with my last motherboard, I do not know what happened now that Nero no longer works when burning DVD+R (while still works with DVD-R and CD-R). Originally I suspected it may be a problem with my PX755A but now it does not seem to me to be the case since PlexTools Professional appears to work.

Please can anyone offer me some insight on this problem? :bow:

So it appears nobody can offer me a clue. :sad:

I saw some other posts here which says that Nero CD-DVD Speed has problems with Plextor 755 and 760 drives. But the strange thing is I only have problems with the TDK DVD+R discs but not the TDK DVD-R discs and CD-Rs when burning with Nero. And I still do not know why Nero has problems with DVD+R now but worked previously.

Have you uninstalled Nero completely (clean tool) and reinstalled it to see if things come back to the way it worked previously?
I have had that clear up some issues for me although not the same issues as you describe.
That is what I would try as a first troubleshooting exercise.