Strange Problems,New Benq 1650,,Help appreciated

Hi Everyone

I just bought my first Burner,but for some strange reason when i run Qsuite it shows the drive as SCSIVAX DVD/CD-ROM 2.7A,there is Benq 1650 in the list,but when i select it Qsuite closes,

I also cant update the firmware i downloaded from the Benq site for the 1650,i get the usuall warning message when i click it then nothing happens at all,and to top it off Booktype management prog wont install either,

The drive is recognised as the correct drive in Device manager,im running XP on a GX 270 dell system,

I did burn a dvd with it,but i dont understand why the other things wont install,

Cheers for any help

Do you have any virtual drives from Alcohol 120% or CloneCD installed? If yes try to uninstall them.

check the device manager to see what drivers you have installed for the IDE channels that your burners are on. (NOT firmware…drivers)

if they are not the basic microsoft drivers then roll the drivers back/ The microsoft drivers are better than most 3rd party drivers. 3rd party drivers can cause conflicts.

the drive that you say is recognized by qsuite is a virtual drive. you shouldn’t have to uninstall it like the last poster suggested

if you have the original microsoft drivers then try uninstalling the burners in the device manager (right click, uninstall) then reboot.

your computer will automatically re-recognize them. check again to see if firmware updates work/qsuite loads.

i’d re-download the firmware update and also qsuite from the BenQ site just to rule out corrupted install files.

Thanks for your help guys,I appreciate it, :wink:

I just upgraded the firmware on my brothers PC,i used the Official Benq update,could you tell me if any of the hacked/modded firmware would work better than the official ones,

I do have a lot of virtual drives on my system,Alcohol,and Daemon tools,if i remove them,update the firmware,can i re-enable them afterwards ,or will that interfere with ,Qsuite,and the other progs i mentioned

Thanks for your advice in advance

The virtual drives may cause a conflict with QSUITE. If you want the drive region free I believe you can use The Dangerous Bros. hacked firmware and the msce speed/read patch. I don’t use any hacked/modded firmware with any of my BENQ 1620, 1640 & 1650 drives. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. :wink:

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