Strange problems (Low ID) EMULE

Hi all,

I’ve got a strange problem with E-mule, maybe some of you can help me out.
In my network there are 3 PC’s, all conected to an Speedtouch DSL hub. In this device I made an edit to put the correct TCP and UDP ports open. All three machine run on Win XP professional and the firewall is configured in exact the same way. Still one machine just won’t open up the right ports and keeps getting low-ID’s and fails the port test. Even switching off the XP firewall hasn’t got the wanted result. I tried about all and going bunkers at this moment, what can be wrong?! :confused:

If your router is configured as a NAT (most likely the case), each PC with eMule needs to be configured with different listening port numbers. NAT typically works by allowing two or more PCs to share the one public IP address, however each incoming port number can only be mapped to a single PC. For example, if you have the eMule port 4662 mapped to PC 1, then it cannot also be mapped to any other PC.

If you need to check if NAT is in place, a simple way to test is to go to the website on all three PCs and if all three PCs show the same IP address for ‘Your IP:’, then this means that NAT is in place.

One thing eMule does support is the changing of the listening TCP & UDP port numbers, so what you can do is go into its options and assign a different TCP and UDP port number for each PC, e.g. TCP port 4663 & UDP port 4673 for the 2nd PC and TCP port 4664 & UDP port 4674 for the 3rd PC. Then map these ports on your DSL Gateway to the PCs accordingly and see if this helps. :wink:

Thanks men! You’ve fixed it! It works fine now! :bow: