Strange problem

hey guys!!!
need your help…

i just bought lite-on 48126s , it worked finr until i installed
alcohol 120% , then the SMART BURN option didnt work ( i even
used the program from the lite-on site to check it and it does not
recognize any media) also i was getting a write error when i burned cd’s with contents more then 600m (the recorder reduce his speed severl times untill the write error apear). when i uninstalled alcohol 120% the problem was gone.
i have tried fantom cd ,virtual cd … and the problem came back.
i have tried the settings in the programs to switch from ATAPI to another but didnt work.

i have no clue…:confused:

Right click the alcohol tray icon -> Emulation options -> untick ‘Ignore Media Type’
That should get your SmartBURN going again and that may fix the write errors too.

thanks man !!!

it worked …