Strange Problem!

I have a DELL XPS 410 with Windows VISTA home premium. Every Time I play a DVD Movie the computer restarts. The DVD drive is a SATA drive. What makes it strange is that using AIM or using the Screen Saver makes the system restart. I have made a motherboard BIOS update to no avail. I have installed additional codes too. Installed the latest ver of DivX. I have reinstalled the operating system as well. I am at the end of my Wits. Is it my DVD drive or is it the application for the Driver (ROXIO). The DVD drive is a Toshiba Samsung. Please Help!!

I’ve had Roxio mess up a system before (freezing it, not restarting it, however). I’d remove Roxio before doing anything else. Then try watching DVD’s with Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic.

Did you upgrade the video card (or overclock it)? I thought I read that some Dell’s (probably older ones) were having a problem with certain video cards.

In the mean time you can turn off the screen saver. Modern monitors don’t need them, esp. LCD’s.

But then again I don’t have any experience with Vista so I am just throwing some things out there.

Good luck.

Possibly a graphics card driver problem or just the graphics card itself.