Strange problem with writing audio cd's


Ok my problem is difficult to explain but i’ll try it anyway. Hope somebody can help.

I’m trying several days now to make audio-cd’s starting from mp3 files. I used Nero and Easy CD Creator 4 but the problem rests the same. I drag and drop the mp3’s in the copy screen, it starts copying without any problem and when the audio cd is closed i try to play the cda-tracks.

The tracks are fysically on the cd but all the files are only 1kB. When i click on a file with any kind of audio player it indicates the track time correctly but he doesn’t play any sound.

What am i doing wrong ? I noticed in Nero a notification of ‘protection’ ? Could this be the problem ? How can i resolve this ?

Thanks for yar time.


It’s strange but if it’s the copy protection
than click right on your mouse on the selected song and click on the box digital copy permitted.

With what did you try to play the cda tracks.

I’m prepared to help you.

I always wrote my cd with this box clicked on , and never experienced any problems.

Maybe the mp3 file is not a 44 khz compatible what you need to burn them.

You must always have 44 Khz
example The song is recorded at 128 kbps and after these numbers you find mostly the other number. If you use winamp, you’ll see what i mean.

So, try
and see …


Ok, i did the things you said but the problem remains.

Very strange but i don’t know it anymore.

A while ago everything worked without any problem.

Hope you have something else in mind ?


I forgot something, all the files are dater 1995-01-01

Does this give a clue ?