Strange problem with VOB files

I recently installed a program call DVD to AVI DivX MPEG Ripper v2.55. My plan was to convert my vob files into an avi. After not being satisfied with the quality I uninstalled the program. Now I cannot view vob files in Windows media player. I have reinstalled my Nvidia Pure Video codec with no luck. Has anyone had a similar problem? I can save the vob as mpg and view them but I don’t want to do that to all my vob’s.

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My suggestion is to get rid of WMP (it’s one of the worst softwares available in my opinion). To play movies in DVD format (aka vob files) I suggest to get a better player.

There are many options available. PowerDVD is an excellent software; it is not free but it’s available often in bundle with burners.

An excellent and free alternative is VLC player. This latter is also available as a portable software (i.e. no installation is required and it can be run from any folder or also an USB pendrive), and it doesn’t require any codec installation to play movies.