Strange problem with two BenQ DW165x's



Hello fellas!

I’ve been experiencing a strange CD/DVD-Speed scan behavior with my two new BenQ drives. I have a DW1650 and a DW1655 (both with latest firmware) and both of them suddenly stop scanning at 130-140 MB into the scan. QSuite scan goes all the way. I’ve tried changing all the settings, 8ECC, fast scan, UDMA, Adaptec ASPI drivers and no success. I’ve also tried an older firmware and still no success. Two computers were used for the scans, both of them ATI chipped.

My two DW1640 drives never showed this problem.

I’ve tried different ASPI drivers, different CD Speed versions and latest

The motherboard is ATI chipped (SB600 and SB450 southbridges).
This guy has the same problem as me and solved it by changing ATAPI drivers but I’ve googled for ATI atapi drivers and there are none. I’ve already installed the latest ATI southbridge drivers together with the rest (chipset drivers, graphics and so on).

Any idea what could be wrong?



Hey I solved the problem myself.

What fixed it was to download NERO ASPI .dll file and put it next to the utility.