Strange problem with TDK 880N drives


I’ve strange problem with my DVD recorders - both of them TDK 880N with exactly the same FW (original).

On first recorder I can record DVDs and they are good for any reader. On secord I can record DVDs but they don’t work (message “disc cannot be mounted” after burinng when I try to swith on Nero verfication) on the drive they was recorded and on first drive (Windows andd DVDInfoPro raport “probably empty disc”).

But strange is that DVDs recorded in both drives work fine in my DVD-ROM - Toshiba 1712.

What’s going on and which drive is bad?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Do you have your drives jumpered correctly?
Cable select is not recommended.
What media are you using?

Both drives are secondary masters. First drive is alone on IDE channel, secondary has also NEC CD-RW 9100A as a slave.

I use TDK DVD-R x4 and TDK DVD-RW x1 (ScratchProof) media.

With DVD-RW when I record media in first drive second can read it without problems. But when I record media in second drive first has problems to read it. But Toshiba DVD-ROM reads both media without problems. Which drive to blame - first for poor reading performance or second for poor recording performance?

Sorry to jump in.But wesociety you say cable select is not recommended.
My Dell 8250 uses cable select and I wonder if you could explain why its not recommended?Before I open it up and change jumper settings.Thanks.

cable-select configuration has been seen to cause some screwy issues with dvd writers, but if your IDE controllers/mobo are not having any issues with it, then you are fine!

Dell machines using Dell IDE cables are usually fine using Cable Select. All the factory drives I’ve seen in Dell machines for years have used Cable Select - I think they do it this way to avoid factory jumper mistakes.

Results using Cable Select can be much more mixed on other hardware.