Strange problem with subtitles readability

Yesterday i ran into a strange problem when i burnt a movie including the GREEK subtitles availiable.I used NERO 6.00.23
and my burner BTC 1004 FW 0043.So the subtitles wouldn’t be shown in my standalones SONY DVP NS 330 and BLUESky DV 2400 but they were there in PS2 and pc DVD drives.With the exception of the subtitles everything else ran smoothly and the burnt media (SONY -R 4X) is played back flawllesly in all my DVD players.Has anyone any idea what went wrong?

i guess you’re using dvd shrink…

i think that happens when you choose to remove subtitles between the first and the one you want to keep.
as i read somewhere, if you want subtitles 1 and 4, you must leave 1, 2, 3 and 4. if not, they only appear on pc. never heard of them playing in ps2, though.

try to find a dvd shrink forum, because that’s not a btc problem.

Try posting your problem in this forum

They will probably be able to help you.


I use DVD2ONE always (with the help of AnyDvd) and after more than 60 burns is the first time i run into this problem.So, since it’s not software related i just think it’s another examble of the instability and unreliability of the burning process, at least with the firmwares provided so far.
Thank you for the replies.

Well, if you have been able to burn other DVD2ONE backups with the BTC drive without experiencing this problem I guess the BTC is not to blame. Just my two cents…


I thought our DRW1004 didn’t support MID: SONY media at this moment. I’ve had some endusers complain about problems with their SONY media and I’m trying to have these tuned to the drive asap.

How were the Kprobe results of your Sony DVD-R 4X media ?
What about the exact MID code ?

BTC Europe Support

you can find some answers to your questions in my posts at the thread :Returning the Micro Advantage (BTC DRW1004).
I posted there both codes and K’Probe charts