Strange problem with SHW-16H5S15C

I am having a strange problem with this Liteon Lightscribe drive. I have only had it a couple of months.

I am using Nero Burning Rom

The problem arises when I am burning data DVDs using Ritek DVD+R and Pheonix DVD-R. After burning I examine the burned side of the disc and notice that the laser appears to have missed a tiny section and left it ‘unburned’ - its only a tiny spec but my DivX player is having difficulty reading that part. This occurs just off the centre of the disc.

I have tried reducing the burning speeds and nothing makes a difference.

Has anyone any idea of what the hell is going on?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum.

The decribed reading problem are most likely due to bad media.

Use better media. Verbatim would be a good choice.

Can you post the mediacode of the disc you use. Use Nero CD/DVD Speed and post result.

Thanks for the reply.

I am in work at the minute so am unable to check the codes.

The thing is I have been using these discs for ages and this problem is beginning now.

However, when I burned onto a TDK Scratchproof DVD+RW there was no sign of a bad burn.