Strange problem with reading CDRs burnt with DAO or DAO/96

I have a strange problem with reading CDRs written with DAO or DAO/96. Whenever I insert a CDR written with either DAO or DAO/96, Windows recognises the CD as CD Audio. :confused: I have a Lite-On 32123S and I’m using Mitsui 700MB CDRs.

I have tried burning images on a friend’s BTC 32x burner (writing at 16x) DAO/96, and the CDs work fine on his burner on his computer. However, when I try to use the same copy on my computer, my Lite-On reads the CD as CD Audio. So, regardless of whether I write the to the CD in DAO or DAO/96, or get someone else to write to the CDR in DAO or DAO/96, I can’t read the damn CD properly :(.

Both my friend myself are using the latest version of Nero.