Strange problem with PX-810SA

Hi to all… i finally found this forum after some search in the hope of finding a solution to my prob. maybe you can help…

As i can read in some posts this burner is not the best plextor prod but i need it to work.

this is my problem: when i start any burning process the burner stops working and disconnect itself ( as i can see from “my computer” & from “safely remove hw icon”)… the result is an error message that said something like the nero’s “cannot complete dao burning process”…

This is my configuration:

asus m2v with fw. 1802 (the latest not beta)
2gb ram kingstom
athlon 3500+ (64bit)
geforce 7600
creative x-fi
2 IDE hd (maxtor)
1 sata hd (maxtor)

My OS is Windows XP Pro SP2 x64…

Thanks in advance to all!


asus m2v - this board has a via chipset, probably no support for optical sata drives.

Did you install your VIA chipset drivers?

Yes i have installed the latest via chipset drivers (5.12) but with no results…
now i want to try with an adaptec controller… maybe with this one will work…

Thanks to all!

Try with an older release, like 5.10a.