Strange problem with plextor cdrs burned with Alcohol Safedisk 2/3 profile with 4x s

I burned my Sims 2 addon backup with Alcohol and the Safedisk 2/3 profile with 4x speed on a plextor cdr. After that I wanted test it for c1/c2 errors with plextools v 2.16 and got a media error. Then a tried to use nero cd/dvd speed same error here. The cdrs install fine and anything works. Does someone know whats up with this. My writer is a plextor 712a v 1.06.

If you made a perfect copy then it’s normal to have errors on the disc as they are part of the copy-protection. SafeDisc relies on error on a disc! Try scanning the original disc with PlexTools and you will see the same thing.