Strange problem with Nero?

Okay, this is a very long shot but here goes. I copy dvd’s using DVD shrink and Nero. Once encoded with Shrink I stop the process, defragment the drive and copy to a DVD (Verbatim Datalife plus DVD-R 8x). I write at 4X speed. I then play these on my Philips LX3000D DVD player. Usually no problem but ocassionally I get one that will freeze for a few seconds judder forwards, stick and carry on. Okay, so not a big problem more of an irritation, it always happens near the beginning and can be solved by pressing Stop / Resume on the DVD control and usually happens 3 times (I am not sure but I estimate it may be at the same time point each time).
Any thoughts at all ??? This forum solved my last problem in an instant but this might be a tricky one especially as the fault may lie with the player, disc etc.
Just one more thing - if the disc is marked DVD-R 8x, can I write at 4x? or is should I only write at 8x.
Thanks in advance all.

Depending on your system you probably would get better burns at 8X. Most newer media does a better job at or just below rated speed.
The first thing you need to do is a disc quality scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed at 8X.
You should then compare them with other quality scans burned with the same drive as yours. You should be able to find many posts on this site to compare them to. You can also find posts on reading scans with CD-DVD Speed to see what is an acceptable burn. It is possible that you drive is not capable of doing scans depending on the brand of drive. Philips players and burners usually prefer +R disc’s with the booktype set to DVD-ROM over -R dics’s.
If it seems to happen close to the same place on each disc it could also be a bad batch
of media too.

What does this mean “and copy to a DVD”? How exactly do you create the DVD?

Sorry, to be clearer. After encoding the original DVD with DVD Shrink I defragment the drive and then use Nero 6 on the DVD-Video mode to copy the files onto a DVD.

What DVD burner do you have.?

I just starting having the same problem. The last 4-5 disks I have burned have been stalling/skipping at about the same point in the movies. Very annoying. I am using the tail end of a 50 pk of Sony. No problems with the first 30 or so disks I have used. But, I do believe it is the media. I plan to try some from a different package to see if that does the trick.

Hi folks,

Using DVD Shrink to do your encoding … it is A-Ok … if it goes thru with no problem then you are OK.

I suggest you do this process … and you will be a Happy Camper …

  1. Use DVD Shrink and make your ISO file first. (look in your pull down menu)
  2. Then USE DVD Decrypter program to BURN (Write) the ISO File onto your Blank DVD. I suggest to burn at Half the RATED SPEED of your QUALITY DVD Blank. Example a 8X rated DVD burn it at 4X. I myself burn at 4X alwys … it takes only 15 minutes for a regular movie. I NEVER have skipping or anything … usually copying at high speed causes skipping.
    STAY AWAY from using NERO to do your Burns and you will not have any Coasters.

Good Luck … post your Success story on this Thread again.