Strange Problem with NEC ND-2500A.Pleaseeee help

Hello guys!!!

First of all thanks a lot for the great job that you are doing.I have an old DVD+RW the NEC ND 2500A.Thanks to your help i managed to upgrade the firmware of my old Drive and i succesfully used the functionalities of burning DVD+DL disks :bow: .My first copy was to backup some data from my job also including e-mail and stuff.The burn was succesfull.I can read the DVD+DL perfectly even now(the dvd+dl was a verbatime one at 2.4x).My brother is using the same pc at home (he is using it to play games).Recently he brought me a game the last Splinter cell which was written in a single DVD+DL disk(traxdata).When i put in in my Sony DVD drive which is also very old the game started with the autoplay funtion enabled.Thus i installed the game and i played for an hour.But when i put it in my NEC-2500A the DVD appear as blank.I thought that probably has to do with the media and i did not do anything.But yesterday he brought another game in an (Verbatime DVD+DL disk 2.4x the same i used for backing up my data).The problem is that my NEC considered also this DVD DL as blank.Also when i use the Ultra iso program (when the DVD+DL is in my NEC drive) its contents(alla the folders) appear clearly.

Any ideas;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Is an XP problem;;;; is it something else i can not imagine

I Forgot to mention that i am using for burning DVDs the Nero 7.7 version and my PC is a 3.2 HT pentium with an Asrock motherboard with VIA PT880 chipset.Thanksssssssss

Sounds like a backup.
Have you used the original, how does it work or not?

The game that i have got is a copy(not the original),but i was wondering why in my sony is working perfectly;;;and when i put the same DVD+DL in my NEC it seems blank…But if i try to open it with the ULtra ISO i can see its contents;;;;;

We cannot help with copied games.