Strange problem with NEC 3540A

ok so I am a newbie I posted this in the newbee section…sry
try again:

ok I got a wierd one. I have a NEC 3540 I was burning an image of ubuntu to a disk…it failed said that it was to big for the disk. I gave up it was 2 in the morning. I tried again this morning and the drive will not recognize cd-rom or cd-r’s. It works just fine with DVD-roms and DVD +r and rewritables.
tried the drive in a different sys. with same results
I was using NERO 7 to do the burn

Any help would be great.
running :
AMD 2000+
Windows xp pro
512 ram
nero 7
NEC 3540A
Generic DVD-rom
80 gig maxtor

No good idea, because it makes this a doublepost…

You may check that the installation and cables are correct, otherwise RMA the drive.

You could post the log file from Nero when a burn fails.