Strange problem with GSA-H20N

Hi, its my first post, i hope you can help me :o

Its woks fine, but i have some writing problems, so i update firmware wich i download from lg.
I update to GSA-H20N102 and reboot.
Then it don’t read anymore, nothing, CD, DVD, original, recordable, nothing!! :frowning:
I try everiting that I found on this page, unistall, rebot, whatch DMA but nothing.

So i flash it to RPC1_101, from DB, but the same thing hapen.
Finaly i flash it to GSAH20N101 from LG and this is the strange thing. I doens’t reed normaly but, when I put a CD or a DVD and restart windows (XP) it’s work!! and works good!! Then I change CD or DVD and the same thing happen… I must to restar for each DVD or CD!!
I try to uninstall it, but the same thing happends.

I dont’t try but I thing that the same will happen if I flash to the others firmware again.

Any ideas?? Please, :sad:

P.D.: Sorry about my realy bad english… :rolleyes:

Please!! any ideas?? i still have the problem…
:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

I have more information:
CD-Drive doesn’t works either.
Is a windows problem… HELP!!

Welcome to CDF’s

Just to make you feel better i’ll post :slight_smile: I don’t think anyone has a solution for you. Wait a few more days and see if someone has any ideas. I have none sorry.

Tanks for your reply, i just reinstall windows, and now it’s work fine.
Now im happy!! :stuck_out_tongue:
But I must to install all my programs again… :doh:


Glad you got it working. Just load stuff one at a time so if you have the problem then you will know what caused it.

Welp, I dont want to see you encounter this problem again because you dont want to reinstall windows everytime, it is a hassle. If you know, which chipset on your motherboard?? Is it a Via chip, Nvidia, Intel, or Sis chip?? We will trouble shoot together if you can tell me which chip set are you running on your board??