Strange problem with GSA-4165B L04

I have a LG GSA-4165B firmware L04. With my older model LG drive, I was using BENQ DVD+R media (reported as Daxon A72) with no problem. With my new one (4165B) I have a strange problem. The blank discs are not reconize the drive spin up, the front led blink for a long time and after that nothing happen. I user the Nero info tool and it says the is no disc in the drive. If I take the same disk and I burn data on it with my other older burner, I can put it back in my 4165B and it will reconize the disc and read the data on it. After data is on disc if I check disc info with Nero Infotool it reports correctly the Daxon A72 media.

Is it a problem with the drive? Should I ask for a replacement because it is still on warranty?

Thanks for your help,