Strange problem with GSA 4163B A105



I got my DVD-RAM about a month ago, never used it, until last week and noticed it wasnt working.
I got 2 DVD, a normal one and the multi DVD-RAM.

When they are both connected, i can see them both.
When i put a CD or a DVD into the DVD-RAM the icon changes to CD-ROM and gives me an error about I/O. (only when they are both plugged).
But when its alone, its working like a charm.

I tryed some stuff…and nothing yet:

1st- I plugged only one of them and they both worked fine alone.
2n- I checked the jumpers, they r fine, DVD-RAM is master other is slave
3- I Updated firmware to A105
4- I installed the DVD-RAM Drivers and the updater
5- I tryed another IDE cable

It only happens when they are both connected, the DVD-RAM just stops working.

My PC is :
athlon64 3000+
1024 (2x512) kingston ram
HL-DT-ST GSA 4163B A105
normal DVD rom
WDC 120gig HDD


Did you try setting both drives to cable select?


hey x,

hmm no, ill try it tomorow and let ya know how it goes.

thanks for helping, its really apreciated.


hey again,

well i found a solution, i put my dvd-rom on my other PC and left this one alone and well DAMN ITS A GREAT DVD-RAM!!

I tryed the cable select, didnt work. Thanks for help though :flower:


There was a bug in nero with two drives. After I upgraded to, I had no more problems. My DVD rom is now connected.


it wasnt in nero, everywhere. but anyways i realised i dont even need 2 drives anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


actually its good to have both dvd-rom & dvd burner so youll use the burner only to burn and the dvd-rom for playing cd/dvds and ripping , the burner will likely last longer that way



I have had this problem for a while now and my HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B will not read disks. It says the driver is missing or corupted (code 39). I have been to device manager and it is there but with a exclaimation mark next to it. I have also tried to update the driver but after I download the update it can’t find my previous driver to update it.

Also do you think Limewire couldv’e done something to it.

From Justin.