Strange problem with GSA 4081B burning issues

I have the GSA-4081B dvd burner it has been working great but today something very strange started to happen. I usually burn CD-Rs with Nero at 16x with no problems however today I kept getting this message Failed to create disk at once, sometimes at 25 percent sometimes 70 percent it would stop and give me that message. I kept getting this message and I tried like 5 cd-rs. I have used these cd-rs before they are memorex and i have had no problems. So I changed the write speed from 16x to 8x and it seemed to work fine no more problems. But this has me a little worried is the dvd burner about to die or something?

Well after searchin on this forum i found out that this lg burner sucks looks like alot of people have had this problem oh well, guess its time to buy another burner. Can anyone recommend a good one with the same capabilities as the 4081 (maybe even better) for around 50 to 60 dollars? thnx guys

Try the Benq DW1620, I got mine for CDN$69