Strange problem with dvd fab platinum

one friend of mine has got the plextor 130a reader and the pioneer 112d for writer.latest firmware.she starts copying the movie it says that everything is completed succcesfully but when she puts the movie to play in pc or dvd deck it cannot read it.she gets an error that is an uknown format and cannot be played in windows.i try it to my pc also.reader nec pioneer 112d writer and the same thing.from alcohol i see that the disk is 4.2 written but no files.i also read the sectors from alcohol an i see that it has write the movie.i see the there any way to read them in order to recopy them?

What source are these DVDs from. Did you buy them? I am not saying you didn’t but sometimes when you download a DVD it may not be in a compliant format.

i have buy them.original.