Strange problem with DVD Burner

I have an Lite-On DVDRW SHW-1635S. I just updated the firmware to version YSOZ(?) and I have tried removing the device, re-installing it. I even switched it from the master to the slave bay.

The tray opens and takes in a disk. If I put in A DVD-R or a plain CD it seems to lock up my system; the read light comes on, the disk spins and it keeps doing this until I force my system to shutdown or pull the power from the drive. A blank CD-R fares a bit better, it acts like it recognizes the disk; green light, spinning, stops green light flashes a few times; but all of my burning program says there is no disk in the drive.

It sounds like the drive may be making a bit of extr noise as well, but it is very soft.

Please Help :bow:

Ok… a couple of questions before I can really help.

One, did the problem occur [I]before[/I] you flashed YSOZ (or whatever it may actually be) and you were trying to fix it with the new firmware, or did the new firmware [I]cause[/I] the problem?

Two, if the flash appears to have caused the problem, have you tried repeating it? A partial or corrupt firmware can cause these sorts of problems, but don’t reflash if the new firmware didn’t seem to cause them, as it’s not likely to help.

If the firmware seems to have caused the problem, one thing to try would be flashing the latest ‘test’ firmware. You’ll need to use the EEPROM tool to clear all the ‘learned’ data on the drive, then flash it, and this may fix the problem. I also found that in order for my Sony DW-Q30A (which is just a rebadged SHW-1635S) to act normally I had to remove the drive from the device manager and restart to force its redetection after the flash, but this could be due to my crossflashing. If you decide to go this route and need help feel free to post again and I’ll walk you through it.


I flashed the latest firmware trying to see if it would correct my problem.

One day the thing worked, I use my laptop more than the PC this burner is in, so when I went to burn a disk after not doing so for awhile; nothing, except the problem I reported.

Thanks for replying.

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Get the latest LiteON SHW-1635S Test Firmware and a copy of EEPROM Utility. Back up everything with EEPROM utility, then clear learned media and flash the drive with the new firmware. Restart, go in to Windows Device Manager and remove the drive. Restart again. If that does not fix the problem it is likely to be a hardware issue. Sorry I took so long to get back to you.

Latest test firmware for your drive is YV6P, get it here:
EEPROM Utility is here: