Strange problem with CDs made with 32123S@40125S

I just updated my 32123S to 40125S (XSU1) and I’m getting some digusting CD copies. Whenever I do an audio CD or a Data CD I get errors when reading them with my Liteon 163D Dvd-ROM (GHR6 Dos installer Region Free). In CD speed test I get a strange graphic. All goes well until minute 40-45 (sometimes 50). Then the reading speed falls down to 16X or even lower and it accelerates again but slower than before. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 of these slowdowns in the test. The average speed is usually about 31X. That’s slower than my usual results with other copied CDs.

I tested the audio Cds in my home hi-fi and it reads well the initial songs but it gets reading faults when looking for the songs at the end and finally it can’t read the Cds.

I use Verbatim Datalife plus 40X Certified Media. I’ve always got great results burning at lower speeds but I would like to burn at 40X with full quality.

Can anybody help me???

Thanks in advance.

It’s not unusual for overclocked drives to burn discs with a lot of read errors. Try some different media and burn at different speeds to see if it’s worth it to you to keep the drive as is.

The 32123S isn’t really made for burning @ 40x. So I recommend that you burn at 32x and just enjoy the P-Cav instead.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing :slight_smile:

I updated my 32123S to 40125S, been burning at 40x never get an error. I’ve done about 15 cds audio and data no problem. Am I the only one?

The later drives are build for higher speed.
My 32123S is made in MAY 2002

Mine is from April 2002 and it burns fine at 40x. I don’t yet have media other than the one LiteOn CDR that burned at 40x. The media I have to use up is 24x rated. OH well… :slight_smile:

Hiya All

I flashed my 32123s (made in May 2002) last week to the 40125s (XSU1.BIN) and it works fine, burned quite a few (5+) Prodisk Black things (both sides Black!!) smart-burn says it 40x rated and i have 0% errors made the Nero Test disk with Nero Speed Disk and the thing hits 50x on the Read Speed and about 40.96 on Write test. so thanks for the FREE!!! Upgrade :wink:

Did you changed anything else appart the Flash? Think carfully before replaying…:cop:

Thanks very very much! I just slowered down to 32X and everything was fine!! Thanks!!!

Has anyone been able to get the 32123s to 48x? I tried, drive was seen as 48x, but I started getting errors, so I flashed back to 40x, works fine now.