Strange problem with cd to mp3 ripping

I’ve decided to pull all of my cd’s onto my laptop for easy access and trips etc… The problem is that the files ripped get all messed up… For instance: Track 1 will be normal. Track 2 will start out fine then end 1 min early and as the track goes on the next song will start playing towards the end of that song. Track 3 starts off in the middle of that last song that started at the end of Track 2.
It’s even more frustrating then it is complicated and illogical.
How is the world can this kind of thing happen. I get the same thing when using other programs, other computers, other CD’s…

Programs used: Audiograbber 1.83, dBpowerAMP, Wavelab 4, WMP



I thought it could be enconder i use… but using my cd drive through an external USB box works perfectly