Strange problem with Benq DW800a

I jsut bought a Benq DW800A from eEbay but it seem’s to have a strange problem . It reads CDs but it doesn’t read DVDs . I installed B2I7 which is the latest version for dw800a on the official site, and there was absolutely no change. Any ideas?

You sure you didn’t buy it faulty? - Try cleaning the lens - this helped on my PS2 when it would only play CD-R based games…

I got some ‘cotton buds’ and some ISOPROPYL Alcohol (from Pharmacy) - whole process took around 40 mins (PS2’s have loadsa screws) and it worked fine.

You might as well give it a go - you have nothing to lose :wink:


Most likely faulty. This isn’t a highly technical question, I’m moving it to relevant forum.

Agreed, faulty. You can buy these drives new in Khypermedia clothing from TigerDirect for about $50 Cdn/$40 US. Excellent drive. (Some of the Khypermedia drives are CyberDrives. Google or search here before you buy so that you know what I mean and you can see if you care. Both are good.)