Strange problem with 107D!

OK, the thing is:

I’m using Nero and when burning videos (movie dvds) everything is OK, no matter what media I am using.

But when it comes to backing up my data, story is much different! When I try to burn 4,3GB mp3’s on Fuji DVD+R 4x (ricohjpn r01) I ended up with 3 destroyed media!
I tried burning the same backup folder on 2x and 4x - results are same = wasted media! :a

BUT when trying to do the same thing with some shitty noname media which more than twice cheaper (prodiscg02) everything works! :confused:
So I reinstalled my OS TWICE (winxp pro + sp1) and installed only Nero, Alcohol 120%, Aspi drivers and DVDinfoPro, nothing else regarding recording software because B4 I was using Sonic RecordNow v4.61.

Oh, and before I had very big problems because I had Intel Application Accelerator installed (I have Abit mobo with P4) - when burning media, they ended up recorded ok but unreadable in anything but my Pioneer :rolleyes:

Is it possible that my Pioneer drive like cheaper media more than qulity stuff? I think some very very strange shit is going on!

Tho most likely problem is that it dislikes ricohjpnr01 media, I’ve had a few problems with this drive & this media myself so that is the most likely cause.

No problem with taiyo yuden and other good quality media here, most cheap media also works good.

Damn, thanx 4 the info, I was slightly going mad :bigsmile:

I bought a lot of that meda so I guess the only thing 4 me is to wait firmware update.