Strange Problem w/ 812s



Hi Guys
Just bought some dvd+r media from poso. After scanning it with dvdinfo, i noticed that it didnt have a manufacturer id… Well i burned some video files on the media using nero 6.3.1 and nero said that the burn is succesful. oddly, the 812s could not read the burned dvd but my dvd-rom drive and my kiss player can. Isnt that strange?


I know that POSO DVD+R isnt as good as (for ex.) Ricohjpn01, which i usually use.


Media that has no MID code is generally very poor quality and can have readability issues on many different drives.
How about posting a Kprobe scan?


Can you get any info about media with THIS tool?

Run Nero CD/DVD Speed on it as well…



@wesociety --> maybe the OP is unable to post a kProbe scan because the DVD is not being recognized at all ???


no matter if you dont have a media code then you got crappy media…your burn most likly was not good enough to be read. go buy some good media do a search on this forum to see what works best with your drive.


Kprobe scan is really bad. Maybe its not only because of the media its also because my 812s can’t identify it fully. I played the burned media on my kiss dvd/divx player w/o problems at all and also played it on my pioneer dvd-rom drive w/o problems either. Well just wanted to test a different media. guess ricohjpn01 is still the best.


For those who have the same problems. I found out that if you insert your media in your normal dvd drive that can identify the burned media and afterwards insert it in your 812s, your 812s should read the media by then.