Strange Problem Seeing Disk 832S+AnyDVD

I burned a DVD+R (-ROM booktype) using AnyDVD however when I insert the disk in my Liteon 832S DVD writer to play the anyDVD icon greys out and remains greyed out and the disk count doesnt rise. The computer struggles to run other programs in this state and the DVD is not seen by the computer (thinks drive is empty). This happens in safe and non-safe mode.

If I place the disk in my DVD ROM drive AnyDVD has no probs. If I turn off AnyDVD and place it in my 832S then the disk is visible and works as normal.

Any ideas?

I’m on the latest Liteon firmware with the recommended tweaks from Omnipatcher applied.


reburned it with latest official firmware (only tweak autobitset). Same Result.

This problem is caused by a possible combination of things:

1.) Changing the booktype to DVD-ROM
2.) A flaw in the drive firmware
3.) Some Hide CDR/DVDR software

What happens is, that some drives report a disc as CSS protected, while it is not. AnyDVD is clever enough not to try any CSS cracking, if the booktype is different from DVD-ROM, and the layer type is not read only.

However, if you changed your booktype to DVD-ROM this might be a reason, that AnyDVD asks the drive, if the disc is css protected. If the drive is confused, AnyDVD will try to crack.

To prevent this, AnyDVD will further check if the layer type is read only. If it is writable or rewritable, AnyDVD will not crack.
Setting the booktype to DVD-R should not set the layer type.
Maybe you have some “HideCDR” type software installed, which causes this? Alcohol? Blindwrite? Or CloneCD5 on Windows98/ME?
If yes, try to disable the “Ignore Media Type/Hide CDR” option.

I tried it without GameJackal just in case but no luck. I burned another disk, same thing. I think you are right though it is trying to crack the disk.

I turned AnyDVD off just for the Liteon 832S drive and it works in that drive fine. So hmm, maybe it’s an interaction between the two.

I tried rolling back to the last version of AnyDVD. No change. Hmmm. I tried rolling back to an earlier firmware on my burner. No change.

I reckon your right though AnyDVD is trying to crack CSS that isn’t there.

Thanks for your help,
any ideas?


What does the KProbe scan of the disc look like? I experienced this a long time ago, with an earlier version of AnyDVD, when the disc had a very high error count. I haven’t experienced it recently but I now use much better quality media and firmware. :wink:

The scan looks like this (it was burned VS0B and is read as VS0A) :

I suspect a firmware bug that is undermining the process outlined above. My Liteon 166S has no problems reading it even with AnyDVD.

I am appreciating the help you guys are giving.


Hmmm, that’s a great scan, so we can rule that out. If it was a firmware bug then heaps of people would be complaining about it and I’m not hearing anything.

What application did you use to burn the disc? Try another program. I use Elby CloneDVD2 and have no problems like this. You can use the 30 day trial to see if it works any better than what you are currently using. It may just be an option in the application you are using.

I used NeroRecode but I’ll try burning a disk with CloneDVD and see how it goes :slight_smile: Thanks codeking