Strange Problem Please Help

glad to hear. Keep me posted
for anyone else viewing these files: the adaptec aspi files look like this:and i have indicated the actual file you have to double click on to load the aspi files: [/IMG]

Bad news: I’ve burned a new DVD and It did not read it. So I’m waiting for new comments.

the computer your using is brand new I presume. Have you installed alot of additional software on there?

Yes it’s been 1 week. But I’ve made a clean install of winXP to get rid of junk programs installed on it. After that, I’ve installed lot of programs that I need but I don’t know are they too much for a computer or not. I feel it will come to format it again but I don’t want to do it. So I’m going to continue to dig.

Well Mr. bektasa, anyone who has a computer can relate to having problems that they couldn’t figure out and the resultant frustration that goes with those problems.
The problem you are having is hardware related. Now you are trying to fix the problem with the assumption that there is nothing wrong with the hardware. If you have only had the computer for a week and you have already reloaded windows on there you must not be having a good time.
As far as how much software you can load on a computer, I don’t think there is a limit, other than the size of your harddrive. I have 120Gs of software loaded and my machine works very well.
As far as I can gather, you haven’t been able at all in that week been able to play a burned movie on your XPS.
Logic would dictate, if you have hardware that works properly then there is a problem with the software. If you reload windows and have all the devices working properly in your device manager and all your device drivers are updated and you load the programs necessary to burn a dvd and the dvd burner can’t read the dvd, that sounds like a hardware problem to me. I wouldn’t assume that a new computer’s hardware is working properly, especially when it isn’t working properly.
It is almost impossible to know what somebody is doing with their computer software wise, or wheather the computer has been damaged due to impact or something of that nature. If you do a fresh install of windows and don’t load anything other than the required drivers and one program to burn with and the burner doesn’t work, I would think the burner is the problem. Do you think the problem is the hardware or the software?

I would suggest at this point, to try the NEC on another system, however opening up the PC may void your warranty.

New news! But I don’t know if I should be happy or not. I’ve chat with Dell Technical support person and after 1 hour, he sent me a firmware update 102 to 103. I don’t see any difference but after all hes advice was burning the dvd with lower speed like 4x. And he seemed sure that this would solve the problem and yes it did. But if can’t use 8x burning speed why I have a 8x burner. Should I try Dell to change this drive or if I do that who knows new one will burn 8x? Any thought will be appreciated
by the way thank you all for your effort to help me.

Hi again.
I’ve made a clean install again and problem still remains. It can’t read dvds burnt by itself with 8x. Lower speeds are ok. Should I ask dell for a new drive or all NEC 6650 burners have same problem. Is there any owner of this device that can share experience with me.