Strange problem dvd writer


I have an very strange problem with the intern and external dvd writer. The writers are to see in Device Manager.But when i want to burn an DVD the burning program say No disk. I can play music cd’s with it. I have asking Acer about this problem but no solution for it. I have even removed the software of it and restart the Laptop.But nothing.


Is any other application accessing the drive?
Can you retry booting in safe mode and reproduce that problem?.


Hm, I only made a short test and had the same prob with W10 and CDBurnerXP. After a short time the Windows-Explorer “4,37GB of 4,37GB free” disappear after a short time, it looks like no media inserted, CDBurnerXP show “No compatible drive”

Usually I use W7 or 8.1, W10 is unusable for me burn-PC because Nero 12 Essentials had often crashes