Strange Problem DVD-R

Hello, can anyone help me?
I seem to have a strange bug or something wrong with my drivers.
I have a Laptop: FujiSiemens Amilo M1425 (yes it is old :slight_smile: )
Well, here is my problem:
I insert any disc in my disktray, and there is no problem what so ever.
I can browse the disc and anything.
BUT… When I insert a DVD-R, blank or even one I burned myself, the whole computer hangs. When I try to doubleclick “my Computer” in windows XP, the window pops up, but nothing appear in the box…:eek: If I wait, the startline will dissapear… BUT, the second i release the disc (taking it out), everything goes back to normal…

If anyone can help me, it would be great.:bow:

Kindest Regards


It could be a media problem . You do not say which media you are you using. You may need a firmware update for your dvd drive. You can check to see if there is an update from the manufacturer of your drive. Good luck.

I suspect bad drivers or a some crap 3rd party softwares installed.

What softwares related to video, conversion, encoding and burning are installed??

I use Nero burning room 7
Ace mega codec pack
Nothing else as I know of…

I would remove that codec pack and test again.

Also uninstall the ide channels via devicemanager, then restart and check again.

I had that same problem, with a desktop. I didnt have enough memory installed

Not enough memory?
Strange… well I only got 512 mb Ram…
The only thing I know about, that has been installed lately, is Office 2007…

My computer crashed, and I Inserted a new HD…
I installed all the components that followed with my computer + Office 2007

I also found out the other day, that the dvd-player didn’t recognice a ordinary cd-r with mp3’s either…

I have removed the ace codec package… Nothing happend…

Please test the drive in another computer to rule out hardware issues.

It is a laptop…
I don’t have anywhere to install it…

Buy a 2.5" to 3.5" ide adaptor and connect it to a standard computer.