Strange Problem - Cant figure out what to do!

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung DVD Writer, Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all…I’m undergoing a strange problem !!

My Intel 865GVHz motherboard crashed 6 months ago…so I bought a new Intel 865 chipset based mobo…but when I was trying to repair with a Win XP bootable CD, my COMBO drive didnt read it (though a light was blinking). Because of same chipset config. I could manage to boot the original XP (without re-installing XP) and somehow installed the audio/ video drivers (using other PC’s CD and USB) as my COMBO drive tried to read CDs but displayed 0 byte both in total and free space. I thought my COMBO (LG CD RW+ DVD R) had crashed. I got the lens cleaned but still it didnt work (it was working on other PC after lens cleaning).
Recently I bought a SAMSUNG DVD RW (TSSTcgrp SH S222A) , and to my utter shock, it also showed the same problem. The first thing I did was to check it on another PC…and it worked fine. I had put new IDE cable , my mobo is new, DVD drive is new …and it still doesnt read a bootable CD, although it is detected in BIOS and in windows. Where can the problem be ? Pleease help :rolleyes:

Hi and Welcome!

have you verified, your drive is #1 in Bios boot priority?


IF your HDD’s aren’t in a RAID config please try this:

Uninstall the chipset drivers in the add/remove software window of the control panel and restart the PC.
Does the drive has the same problems when after the restart the default microsoft drivers are loaded?

Thanks for your comments guys. I think I found the problem.
I swapped the IDE ports for HDD and DVD, and with a 1st boot priority to the
DVD drive, I could read a bootable disc, but my HDD cudnt boot with that IDE port - it gives 'DISK BOOT FAILURE…INSERT SYSTEM DISK…". So I guess the fault is with the second IDE port on the new mobo (which is in warranty). I never suspected the motherboard.