Strange Plextor scan of NEC3500 TY02 burns

For some reason plextools shows a strange PIE spike at the beginning of every Taiyo Yuden TY02 that’s burned on my NEC 3500. Kprobe & the BenQ show the burn as excellent, so it’s just Plextools that shows the spike. I went back and scanned discs that I burned 6 months ago, and they show the same thing. It doesn’t matter what “batch” the TY is from either, cause it does it on printables, the “1133”, “1125”, and “1158” batches. The burns were all at 8x using my 3500. It also doesn’t seem to matter what firmware I’m using, because burns using 2.17bs, Liggy’s 2.18, and 2F8 firmwares show the same “spike” when scanned with the Plextor. Just curious if anyone’s seen this, or might know what’s causing the plextor to interpret a “spike” like that.

**Attached are scans of the same disc using different drives/programs. All the other scans from Plextools, of other discs, look almost identical to this one. It only seems to be TY02 +R that has this spike.

Indeed, the result seems to be quite different but thespike is not so high; I tend to give plextools more trust because the spike follows the 4x speed writing band of NEC; however the errors are well in the very good burn limits.

Yeah it’s within the limits, but just curious if anyone had similar results with the TY02. Is that the general area where the NEC speed shifts to 6x, on it’s way to 8x? Figured it would be just the opposite.(spike AFTER switching to 6x) Whatever it is, it’s the same exact thing on every TY02 disc that’s ever been burned on my NEC3500.