Strange Philips041 experience

Dear all,

I had Philips041 DVD+RW 4x discs brought under the brand name of HP (Hewlett-Packard). They were burnt on a BenQ and a NU-Tech with brilliant results 2 months ago. They had errors PI<20 and PIF<2 which is great for RW in my opinion. But two months later, the discs started losing data - I lost 1.2GB over 5 discs! I decided to scan the discs today - and guess what? The PI/PIF is exactly the same, but the disc has unreadable files? :confused: I know this happens, but this is an EXTREME DIFFERENCE between the PI/PIF and readability! The graph is nowhere near 280! I heard these discs are CMC Manufactured - can anyone vouch for this?

Philips041 can be made with anybody withouth additional information (read serial numbers I can not confirm who’s made them. )
I do have seen reports from other people pointing to ritek and cmc both.
Now about the quality what are the storage conditions.

I can think of 2 options what has happened to your disc’s
Both error issues will not show up on Lite On’s our Benq scans. I don’t know about plextor drives since they have a few more test options which might help them. But still the change is small.
Profesional analyzers however can identify these problems.

Problem one the spiral groove has been deformed and the drive can no longer read it correctly.
Problem two phase/reflectivity problems.
Both are rare however the first one has been spotted on some early DVD-rewritables.
The second one only is possible with low temperatures and huge temperature shifts. I was able to recreate this problem with cd-rw’s once.

mmmz… that’s strange - i burnt these on a Nu-Tech DDW-082 (Philips Based) - stored at room temp - here it only goes from 22-27 degrees celsius - and it’s been stored for two months. All my ricoh’s don’t seem to have these problems - but if the spiral groove had been deformed, won’t the K-Probe start having servo/tracking issues? …

Just for the record, these ones have the letters “PC 1-4X DVD+RW D29111” in the BCA and in the centre in plastic hot pressed is “PWD6411D12132137”. “IFPI LE71” is also in BCA

I have the same behaviour here. Original Philips DVD+RW 10pcs cakebox bought at “Mediamarkt” here in Austria.

Quality scans are good, but they don´t red to the end. Mine had from the beginning the problem.