Strange phenomenon

A couple of days ago, when checking on BDP reviews I got to a forum. I have read the thread in question. It was evident that the forum was under the influence of a certain member, who made ex cathedra statements all the way. That is not my business actually, but what he wrote had nothing to do with reality, thus misleading those who visit the forum. So, I decided to reflect on one of his statements that was dwelling on Pioneer being out of BDP business. To my surprise, some days later I was able to login, but was unable to post. Today, to my “second surprise” I was able to log in, but my post disappeared. I was not rude, I proved with a link that his statement was untrue.
Well, that is called discrimination, fear of a professional dispute over a matter.
I thougt I will share this unorthodox experience of mine.
Here is the link:

Amongst others that was the link to prove the poster wrong:

I would subscribe to such a thread. Everytime someone makes a post, I would send them a PM with the link you originally posted. I doubt that whatever admin deleted your post would be willing to read everyone’s PMs in order to prevent someone from having a different opinion.

Odds are, others will post similar reactions, resulting in people realizing that something’s amiss. When the site’s reputation suffers, the admin might think twice before censoring people.

Hell banned dude!

You aren’t the only one to have posts abducted by the aliens. :wink: