Strange peaks - 1633s



i don’t understand why this peak in the middle is so high, full disc…
written with 4x speed, second disc 3,3gb, different firmware

is the media crap or the drive?


I’d try different media.


i have a 1633 and had a couple of prodisc s03 left (memorex) left. they burn surprisingly well. i usually only use +r so i was surpised how well -r’s turned out especially on this drive. i second the vote for different media.


@ chok0
IMHO, I think those burns are very similar and they are pretty good for -R media and well within specs for a good burn. The first scan, you can discount the single spike, which puts both the PI and PIF graphs equal. PIF’s are far more important than PI values, and PIF never get above 2, while the PI max is around 100, which is also well within specs. I agree that better burns can be had with better media, I just wanted to input that these burns weren’t so bad…I bet they both play/read OK.

PS, you can remove the single spikes to view the rest of the graph by right-clicking on each graph and choose ‘delete highest value’.


the first disc doesn’t read well. it’s a backup (yes, i have the original), it skips a few seconds at ~80 min…