Strange Patten, Let Me Explain

I have been meaning to ask this for a while but have’nt got round to it. Now just bare with me for a mo one this one while i try and explain. Now i know when burning you get circles that are different shades due to the drive speed changing but with the Pio 111 i have noticed something while i get the circles like i did on the 109 i also get a kinda half circle pattern and sometimes a half circle that kinda spirales. These happen between the two normal circle patterns.

I have tried to draw these best i can as i cant really get a good image of the underside of the disc. The blue is the normal circle patterns i got with the 109 and what i get with the 111 this is also fairly light, hardly noticable. The red is the other part of the pattern(the spiral one i had to free hand). This you dont always get especial on the TY but on other discs i burnt like the CMC HP discs its always there, even the normal circles that i got on the 109 are dark and clearly visible on the CMC burnt with the 111. When this happens it can be light so hard to see unless held at an angle other times it is quite dark and clearly visible. Now this does not seem to effect scans or trt for most of the times, but every so often there will be a clump,well group of pif’s, only going up to 2 but will jump the total up a couple of hundred. I sure the groups making go up a couple of hundred is something wrong with the pio as from the disc’s i have scanned that i burnt with the 109 i never had this. Im convinced at the mo the 111 is not as good as the 109.

But with the strange pattern, is this down to the disc’s being burnt using Z-CLV ?? as the 109 used P-CAV. I find this pattern to look rather unsightly, this is partly why i ask.

I’m sure i remember reading on here someone with a 111 bought a second one because the they did’nt like the way the first was burning stuff. Although i cant remember who.

Thanks for listening, i dont normal type so much in a thread.:slight_smile:

Circle patterns like that eh. Yeah I’ve seen it but only on cheap and nasty SKC DVD-Rs.

I wouldn’t blame the Pioneer 111, rather the disc itself is to blame.

I’ve had clumps of PI in the exact same spot on every disc with Daxon AZ3 media. Every burner would produce it so i’m guessing it was a defect in the disc.

Might be the case here as well. By the way, when you say it raises the PIF on your discs by a couple hundred, do you mean in one spot??? Or just in total? Because if it’s in total you are being too picky with your burns lol. Discs can have a small variation here and there. Some of my daxon have 1000 total PIF, then others have 3000 total. It doesn’t really matter at all.

well not one spot, but grouped together spike no higher than 2 but a group in a row. I know im being picky on the pif part and that its perfectly exceptable but part of the reason why i am is thus. The 109 giving a max total of 150 or less and this is consistant, the 111 sometime under 150 but then sometime 400-500 and its the same batch of discs that was burnt on the 109. The time it does go up to total of 400 odd that pattern is often darker and more visible. The total jumping up to 400 odd sometimes also acoures where the drive shifts speeds. Did’nt get this with the 109 even of the HP branded CMC’s i did’nt get this patten effect.

You say you have only seen this on cheap and nasty dvd’s, i get this pattern all the time on the HP branded CMC’s, i have seen it on the few TTG02’s i have although its fainter than the CMC’s, i have also seen this pattern on my TYG02’s, ranging from not being there to very faint to fairly dark on the G02’s. The only G02’s i dont seem to get this on is the Verb Pastels i have. I sure this pattern is ether A. There’s something a tad wrong with the drive, B. Its just a effect of Z-CLV and on the 111 TYG03’s are burn using P-CAV and the 109 used P-CAV for TYG02 and theres no strange pattern and TYG02’s use Z-CLV or C. Its a bit of both. If it is down to Z-CLV i wish Pioneer had stuck to P-CAV for X8 discs.

Its just i find this pattern a tad unsightly, looks off key.

Hmmm it could very well be the Z-CLV of the 111.

Could you post a scan at all?

A QScan ?? or a scan of the bottom of the disc ??

Qscan :flower:

QScan? or do you mean Quality Scan?


Didn’t know Qscan meant something different.

You know, cdspeed, PI PIF etc?

QScan is a test in QSuite for Benq drives that tests Tracking and Focusing Error levels.

[B]pict #2[/B] (spirals): I’ve had very similar patterns on discs burnt in my Pioneer 109 before the drive started producing only coasters. :frowning:

I’ll sort some scans once i have found some, got loads of scans but not in any sort of order. This drive has done this since i first got it, if i buy a new 111 whats the chance’s of it producing the same effect ?? do any drives still use P-CAV for X8 discs or have they all switched to Z-CLV ?

The Pioneer DVR-111 burns at Z-CLV (or CLV) for discs that are supported at 12x and lower, e.g. for 8x rated discs.

For 16x capable discs, the Pioneer DVR-111 will burn at 16x CAV, 12x P-CAV, 8x Z-CLV, 6x CLV, etc.

Many drives use P-CAV for 8x burns, e.g. LiteOn drives, Plextor drives, the BenQ DW1655 a.o.

when i said same effect i ment the strange pattern underneth, i relise another 111 will have the same stratage. I have a lite-on 16H5S but it does’nt produce as good a burn as the 111 and the 109 did on -R’s. What about the BenQ 1650 ??

I dont know why but it’s just that pattern underneth the disc really bugs me, partly due to it not being a uniform or consitant pattern.

Sorry to bump this up but are you guys telling me im the only one who gets this pattern with a 111 ?? or would i be better making a new thread in the pioneer board and linking this post there ??

No I get this “pattern” especially on 8x Verbatim media when I burn it at 12x. It uses Z-CLV

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s normal and my 109 used to do it as well.

Don’t even bother with PI/PIF scanning. A difference of 200 total PI is like complaining about your vegetables being too close to your steak or something silly like that :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all good. Discs work right? No problem then :smiley:

Yeah the discs work, i only always get it on the spindle HP discs i have, only happens sometimes on G02’s, can be very very faint or fairly dark, have’nt tried any MCC yet. My 109 never did it.

Its not a problem as such as i now know others get it, its just it looks unsightly imo. Bloody Z-CLV