Strange noises liteon 16h5s

hello to all and sorry for my bad english :)! I have taken the liteon 16h5s and i have noticed that they are felt of the strange noises. in particular when I start up the PC obviously ignites also the led of the liteon and when the led is ignited feels a noise type of “current”, one species of tic. instead when I close the tray without to have loaded no cd or dvd, is felt a noise type when it is loading a cd or dvd…what succeeds mine liteon?
thanks to all

I’m not sure, but this thread may be helpful to you :slight_smile: .

thanks for the aid but are unfortunately not served to me :(… mine liteon make this “clic” only when the led of the drive is ignited, when startup the PC

that’s exactly what Cressida linked to…

perhaps it is guilt of my bad English, but in the link of Cressida it is seemed to me to understand that the customer felt “tic” when he opened and closed the tray

The thread is about clicks “on PC power on”, so when you start up the computer, pizzo. It seems to be drive-dependent (some do, some don’t) and there isn’t a really good solution yet. Maybe someone in the Italian sub-forum can summarise the contents for you :slight_smile: .

thanks for the reassumed, you have made a great favor to me:)! I have written the same one thread in the italian forum but unfortunately nobody has found my problem. therefore the noises have had to the fact that the drive is defective?

no, the clicking noise comes from some part of the drive trying to calibrate. it won’t damage the drive. maybe there will be a firmware update to avoid this clicking. until then, just ignore it.

sorry…but what means [I]the clicking noise comes from some part of the drive trying to calibrate[/I] ?
in post #48 Wind says that he knows what causes this noise. i don’t know what he knows, so just ask him or post in that thread.

ok thanks for all :slight_smile:

excused if I reopen the thread, but I have sent a pvt to wind but still it has unfortunately not answered me. I have attached audio file of the tic that one feels to the ignition of the PC and the noise that feels when I close the tray

liteon (39.9 KB)

Liteon (6.81 KB)